Traveling with Kids
Kids Travel and Camping

Traveling with Kids

No matter how you are traveling, traveling with kids can be stressful. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time traveling with a little one or the tenth time. Kids can be unpredictable and of course have “perfect timing” for exploding diapers or potty breaks. Here are a few tips we have discovered to help ease traveling with your littles!


Plan and Organize

Before you take off on your adventure, make sure to have a game plan and be organized. Pack toys, games, and movies your children don’t normally play with or watch. This way, the toy or movie holds their interest and they are occupied longer. img_4404If you are taking a longer trip (and have space) take some toys you can swap out so your kids aren’t playing with the same toys the whole time. We keep a bin of toys in the camper and the truck. Collin only plays with them while we are camping so they are like new each time we go! The same goes for snacks, pack snacks they don’t typically eat.img_1945 This makes it more exciting to get a snack and is more of a treat than a regular snack. We also try and map out a few playgrounds to stop at along the way so the kids can take a break and burn off some energy.


Establish Road Rules

It’s important to establish boundaries when traveling. This gives your child expectations as you travel. For example; Collin knows whenever we make a stop on the road (for fuel or food) he has to go potty. He also knows that if we are in the airport, parking lot, museum, etc., that he needs to hold hands. (At almost 3 years old this one can be difficult with wanting to be independent.)

Your Kids will Cry

You can’t blame kids for getting antsy, frustrated, or whiney while traveling. Its feels the same way for us too. We just want to get there! However, that is much easier said than done. Children getting fussy or whiney can add to your stress. Especially while in the airport, because you know that person over there is giving you a look for having a whiney 3 year old that is acting like a 3 year old. Don’t sweat. We have all been there or we will all be there at some point. Don’t worry about what others are thinking. Most people are more understanding than you think.


Have No Expectations

When you travel, it’s good to have a plan but, let’s be honest it’s things are not going to go the way you planned. Kids always have a curve ball up their sleeve and parental law always takes effect. Being flexible and going with the flow is the most important thing when traveling with kids. Diaper blow outs will happen. Meltdowns will occur. Forgetting pup is not out of question. However, if you are mentally prepared for these incidents your travels will go much smoother. Attitude is everything!img_4346 img_4345

Enjoy your Travels

Relax and enjoy the time with your family. Play games, interact, and have fun! It may not be fun sitting at the airport or in the car but it’s what you make of it. Remember attitude is everything. Your mood can rub off on them so keep it fun!



Enjoy your next adventure and we hope these tips help!

Happy Trails….

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