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Bunce School Road Plane Crash

Since buying our Mitsubishi Montero last month, we have been itching to take it off road to see how it does and a few Sunday’s ago we got the chance. We headed out above Boulder along the Peak to Peak Highway to find the Bunce School Road plane crash.  A difficult four wheel drive road leads up to the remnants of the  military jet that crashed into the mountain side in 1965.

Bunce School Road

To get to the plane crash we went up Bunce School Road. This 4×4 road is a fairly easy road with one or two difficult parts. A stock vehicle could make it up this road just fine.

Bunce School Rd

From Bunce School Road we took a right onto Forest Service Road 203 and that took us to the plane crash. As we continued on 203, the road had a few challenging spots




A few spots along the road required a spotter and some strategic thinking.  I could see the concern Dana had on her face wondering how we were going to get through the tough sections with the Montero in one piece. We did make it out and back with very minor damage to the running board of the Montero.


A few scrapes to the bottom of the running boards was not bad considering most of the vehicles that go through here are built 4×4 trucks, side-by-sides, or 4-wheelers.  We were very impressed with how the Montero handled making it through the tough sections

Bunce School Rd Plane Crash

Road 203 takes you to the plane crash trail. It’s a short walk down to the crash site. Be sure to wear good shoes. The ground was dry which made the sand and dirt easy to slip on while walking around the multiple debris piles.

Bunce School Rd Plane Crash

Bunce School Rd Plane Crash

Bunce School Rd Plane

The T-33A Military Jet Trainer crashed in 1965 killing two people after leaving Buckley Filed.  The pilot was flying over property he owned in the area when the plane went down, the cause unknown. It’s very interesting to see the plane crash up close but sad to think this was the place the two pilots lost their lives.

Bunce School Rd Plane Crash Cockpit

Remnants of the cockpit, and you can even see the rusted rod that was the control stick.

Bunce School Rd Plane Crash

The plane has been picked over, but there is still quite a bit to see. Collin liked hearing about the different pieces we found and what they were used for in the plane.


After our 4-wheel adventure we spent some time driving through the mountains. We saw the burn scar of the Cold Springs fire, had lunch at Mud Springs Recreation Area just outside of Nederland, and drove to the Moffatt Tunnel to see if we could spot a train coming through. What a great way to spend a Sunday!

More info on the Bunce School Rd at

Happy Trails…..

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