Percolated Coffee

Camping Must Have: Percolated Coffee

For us a camping must have is percolated coffee. In our opinion, percolated coffee beats out drip coffee, french press, or hot tea any day. It doesn’t get any better than drinking a hot cup of percolated coffee, tasting the bold flavor with each sip, while enjoying the mountain views. Percolated coffee takes us back in time to the Wild West. We often refer to percolated coffee as “cowboy coffee.” We imagine sitting next to Cullen Bohannon (from the AMC show Hell on Wheels) on a summers morning drinking our coffee looking at the Rocky Mountains wishing we had horses to ride like he did. Glad however, we do not have to go work on the rail road.

Percolated Coffee

Our Cabelas percolator has warmed us on many cold mornings. Very glad on those mornings we get to make our coffee on the stove and not outside in the cold over a fire.

Spring Creek Reservoir

Perked coffee and a great view! (Spring Creek Reservoir near Gunnison, CO)  What a way to start your day.

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This guy decided to join me for coffee. The kids were asleep while I enjoyed my perked coffee and got to watch this curious deer snoop around our campsite.

Cabbalas Percolator

If you haven’t tried percolated coffee you should! What is your camping must have? Enjoy your next trip!


Happy Trails……


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